Database on Offender Trajectories


Project funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO).

2023 --- 2026

Project # RT/23/DOT

This project is managed at the NICC by the Recidivism and Criminal Careers Unit (CReCC).





Approved by BELSPO in 2023, this project aims to develop and roll out a digital research infrastructure on recidivism and criminal careers. This project builds on an earlier project (It Is Happening Again, IIHA) and supports the structural focus on research on recidivism and criminal careers within the OD Criminology of the NICC, specifically through the Recidivism and Criminal Careers Cell (CReCC).The DOT project started in the summer of 2023, will reach cruising speed from 2024 and will end at the end of 2026.

A first objective (work package 1) is to create a database on offender trajectories (DOT) based on judicial data (in principle: convictions and their execution). DOT is the starting point for setting up feasibility studies on links with non-justice data (work package 2). In parallel, in work package 3, further monitoring tools on recidivism are being set up and rolled out.

The project is driven by Luc Robert (promoter), Eric Maes (co-promoter), Benjamin Mine (co-promoter) and Patrick Jeuniaux (co-promoter).

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