Symposium Sex Offenders in and out of Crime (SOC)


This Symposium addresses a number of stereotypes and common ideas about sex offenders. First of all, is it true that sex offenders continue to commit (the same type of) sex offences over and over again? How is the recidivism of sex offenders to be compared to that of non-sex offenders? Do their criminal careers differ strongly from non-sexual offenders? Furthermore, are sex offenders an especially incorrigible group of offenders? Can they desist from crime, especially from sexual crimes, or are they beyond redemption? What perspectives does the scientific evidence provide to policy and practice?

During the Symposium, world-renowned experts in the study of sex offenders will tackle these issues and will provide the state of the art about recidivism, criminal careers, desistance and lessons that can be drawn from research. Furthermore, next to the international state of affairs, the empirical results of Belgian (and Dutch) research will be presented.

This conference is aimed at researchers, practitioners (therapists, sexologists, prison personnel, probation staff, organizations involved in the reintegration of offenders,…), policy-makers and a wider audience of people with an interest in the topic.



Prof. dr. Lieven Pauwels (UGent), Prof. em. dr. Johan Goethals (KU Leuven), dr. Eric Maes (NICC), dr. Luc Robert (NICC) & Magali Deblock (NICC)

KVAB (Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten)

Address: Hertogstraat 1 - 1000 Brussels, Conference room: Auditorium Albert II

(see: Parking facilities near the venue) – Near Brussels Central Station and near metro-station ‘Kunst-Wet’